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Joining a Co-Operative Agency

Belonging to a co-operative agency is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the industry whilst being in the supportive environment of other actors. For a co-op to be successful a certain amount of commitment is required from its members. It is recommended potential applicants read the CPMA website to understand fully how co-ops work before applying.

Here at Denmark Street Management, as well as working as an agent, members are required to attend monthly meetings on the 1st Wed of each month, an AGM, attend fellow members’ shows, showcases, the shows of potential new applicants and take on or assist with administrative roles.

Each member brings their own ideas and skills, utilised to benefit our administrative and business tasks. All of this would be discussed if you are invited to attend one of our meetings.

If this interests you, we encourage you to apply. New applicants are discussed at our monthly meetings and we will endeavour to respond to every application as quickly as we can.

Joining Denmark Street Management

If you would like to apply to join Denmark Street Management, you must

  • Be a member of Spotlight
  • Have a showreel or be in a production we can see, ideally both
  • Have undergone a minimum of one year’s full-time drama training at Higher Education level
As part of your application, please tell us
  • Why you want to join a co-operative agency
  • What experience/skills you can bring to the business side of Denmark Street Management
  • Your current casting type

Application to Join Denmark Street Management

Please read notes above and fill in the form.